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Casty Living helps clients unlock its full potential. The agency will work with you to achieve the maximum value for your property whether you are buying, selling, or renovating.


  • Beverly Hills, West Hollywood & Westside Realtor

  • Sales and Leasing

  • Knowledge of the local area, including neighborhoods, and market trends

  • Top-notch marketing and negotiating techniques

  • Global Advertising

  • Extensive professional network

  • First-time and recurring buyers and sellers.

  • Guiding clients through the transaction process. Educating them on current market conditions/ trends in their area, loan qualification, presenting & reviewing offers, navigating the escrow process  and successfully closing the transaction while helping all parties transition to their new environment.


  • Free evaluation of property

  • Floor plans

  • Design consulting

  • Design alteration 

  • Property repairs

  • Prepare and organize your home for sale

  • Remodel or renovate your new home


  • Top experts and team of interior designers to stage your property.

  • Works directly with you to create the experience necessary for buyers to envision the lifestyle and want to BUY.

  • FACT: It is a known fact that when a property has been staged versus not the return is a 15% or more increase on your investment.


  • 24 hour availability

  • Aggressive and dynamic marketing strategies including advertising, marketing, photography and promotions.

  • The highest level of confidentiality and professionalism, paired with unparalleled customer service and creative thinking.

  • Unique end-to-end Concierge Services

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